Destiny of Spirits Wiki

Welcome new admins!


These people will hopefully bring a little organization to the wiki in terms of editing, growth, and community management. I do want to stress that I still check my message wall so if problems arise, feel free to leave a message, but try to rely on your new overlords instead :)

Good luck!

--Myskaros (talk) 02:00, December 16, 2014 (UTC)

Hello DoS wiki folks!

Hi, I am the wiki owner. Unfortunately, this game became incredibly uninteresting to me within a couple months of its release, so I have not been active on the wiki since then. However, I also know that the game is still popular and people are keeping the wiki updated as best they can, so thanks!

That said, I don't know if any of the admins are active anymore; if they are, they're probably keeping quiet since I'm being called out of retirement to police some stuff :) So, I would like to promote 2-3 active members of the community to become admins.

Things admins can do:

  • Delete pages and images
  • Delete comments
  • Delete forum topics
  • Issue chat bans and temp bans
  • Edit the navigation bar
  • Edit locked pages
  • Lock pages from editing

I'm mainly looking for people who can keep the peace, monitor comments and enforce the scam policy. However, if you're more interesting in improving the wiki format and stuff, you are more than welcome to apply.

Since I am not active in the community anymore, let's say each applicant will need 3 vouches in order to be considered. Comment to apply, reply to that comment to vouch. I will check back sometime on Thursday, December 11, and see how things look.


--Myskaros (talk) 16:36, December 8, 2014 (UTC)