Destiny of Spirits Wiki

Hi guys! Hope you find a Spirit or two that interests you. Happy Trading!!

For Trade:

Advanced R:

Cronus Brigit
Karyobinga Onmyoji
Tsuki no Usagi Morrigan


Cuhullin (not sure if I'll trade this yet)


Ghost Ship Shennong x2
Veles x3 Pachacamac x2
 Excalibur Prometheus
Ogma  Huallallo Carhuincho x2
Kanaloa Captain Cook
Nine-tailed Fox Kwatee x2
Orca Genie of the Lamp


Shin x2 Jiangshi x2 
Yurlungur x2 Wanyudo
Daidarabotchi  Ame-onna 
Sha Wujing x2 Tootega
Azi Dahaka x2


Joker of Dark


None at the moment

Last, but not least,

Event Raid Spirits (looking for Belobog!!!!):

Verdandi x2 Peluda
Horus x2  Shin
Itzpapalotl  Bahamut

Looking For:

Adv SR:

Thor and Shoryu (maybe in my dreams :P)

Adv R:

Konohanasakuya-hime Many
Koro-pok-guru 13


Black Tortoise Many (top priority)
Ukko Many 
Artemis Many
Guan Yu 4 (top priority)
Zilant 2 (extremely low priority)
Manannan Mac Lir 12
Tyr 4 (top priority)
Tsukuyomi 1


Freyja 4 (top priority)
Wakan Tanka 6 (top priority)
Valkyrie 8
Nanna 10
Daikokuten 9 (top priority)
Jurojin 1
Vampire Hunter 7
Sedna 11
Belobog 2 (top priority)

-I'm late in the game with maxing out Spirits (been concentrating on UCs), so don't know exactly how many I need. Also, am looking for other Rs, such as Sorcerer, Pandora, Lindwurm, Genie, Chalchiuhtlicue, but those in the tables are top priority for now. FYI: For Raid Spirits, I don't accept 1:1, unless it's for another Raid Spirit or a Hunt Spirit, like Tyr, Athena, Lindwurm, or Guan Yu.

  • Will only trade Adv R (1:1), unless a Multitrade of my Adv Rs to 1 Adv SR
  • Will only accept 3 SRs for 1 Joker of Light, 2SRs for Joker of Dark, 1SR+1R for other jokers
  • Trade Queens 1:1, Trade Princes 3J:1R

Will try to check here multiple times during the day. You can also contact me via PSN: Edunstar84