Destiny of Spirits Wiki

I play many different games, love being creative and write stuff for fun. You can check some of my creations on deviantart , even though I havent uploaded in ages XD. Tantio is both my gamers and artist name, if you meet a Tantio in a game well chances are its me.

Home Base: +1 +6 Europe (EU)

DoS and PSN ID: Tantio

Raid Tower of 99 floors

Chernobog (Main) 54
Ziz 50
Asura the Evil 28

Total Floors sweeped: 168

Inking Route Map

This place is my personal want to do list:

  • Get more Urds from battle
  • Leveling GP and LotD
  • Hope to Get a SR from hunting
    • I tend to cycle 1km in the lucky direction when I can.

Trade Bounty

What I have for trade, what I like and what I want

Tantio's Trade Bounty

Post a message on the wall if you want to trade and you may always make an offer :3

Trade Rail Station

What is in my trade slots and when it should get open

  • Slot 1: Trade ongoing 
  • Slot 2: Trade ongoing 
  • Slot 3: 

Delay Message Board: