Destiny of Spirits Wiki

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Helping with the wiki!

  • Check out New Spirit Procedure for instructions on adding a new spirit page.
  • If there's ever a pencil somewhere, that's a shortcut to edit a template! Mainly going to be used somewhere with complicated or cumbersome code. Best example is the List of Spirits page; because there are some hundreds of spirits listed there, instead of having to scroll down 15 pages to find where to add a new one, it's compartmentalized into templates. Also lets me do stuff like add help text to the top of an edit panel, in case I add something that uses a lot of shorthand.
  • Random verbiage for skills:
    • 200% Metal damage (all enemies). - (I think using only a percentage is cleaner than sometimes multiplier, sometimes percentage.)
    • SPD +30% (all allies, 10 sec).
    • SPD +300% (self, 3 sec).
    • ATK +10% (all Dark allies).
    • 20% counterattack for 30% damage (all allies). - (Some quick testing with Ah Puch and I was able to determine that his weak counterattack hits for 30% ATK damage.)
    • Action Energy -50% (all enemies).
    • HP20%↓: SPD +30% (all allies). - (This reads much cleaner than the jumbled mess SCE wrote, no?!)
    • First attack damage +40% (all allies).
    • Here are a few skill templates I've completed:
      • {{Stop|all|15}}: The first parameter just evaluates "singular or plural" so you can use 1 or 2; second parameter is how long the Stop lasts.
      • {{Change|Wood|1|20}}: First parameter is what element it changes to; second parameter is, again, single or all; third parameter is how long. If you omit the 2nd and 3rd parameters, it will default to "all allies" with no time, e.g. for support skills.
      • {{Armor|10|-|1|15}}: This is for damage received/inflicted changes. First parameter is the numeric modifier; second parameter is + or -, + for increasing damage to enemies, - for decreasing damage to allies; third parameter is single or all; fourth parameter is how long it lasts. Again, if the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th parameters are omitted, it will default to "all allies" with no time.