Destiny of Spirits Wiki

I don't have too much to say about myself. I'm an avid gamer who finds this game entertaining, and a habitual wiki editor who tends to get over-involved. When I find free time, I'm also a programmer and enjoy tinkering with just about everything, whether that's a simple script, a microcontroller network, an operating system's inner workings, or whatever else I may come across.

In case it ever comes up, I will -only- ever use the PSN name KickMeElmo. If anyone ever claims to be me under another name, please notify me immediately.


It was a good run, but life's caught up with me and I'm afraid I no longer have the time to assist here or even continue gaming regularly. I hope my time as an active admin helped build the wiki into something greater than it was.

To all future admins and wiki builders: I'm still willing to help out with scripting needs within reason or give advice as needed, especially if help is needed with making some advanced Lua templates, but I won't be keeping tabs on this wiki regularly anymore due to my time constraints. If you need to get ahold of me, the best methods are via steam (I won't accept friend requests from random private profiles generally, most aren't genuine) or on Telegram as @KickMeElmo.

Other goodies!

I never finished tweaking it so I never documented it, but I did update the DoS chat to support custom javascript and css. I adapted an old userscript to enable out-of-focus message beeps on my personal one, located at User:KickMeElmo/chat.js. If you want to try it for yourself, copy that page's contents to your own userspace at Special:MyPage/chat.js. And as for the admins, the global chat.js for the wiki is at MediaWiki:Chat.js. Likewise, custom css pages are located at Special:MyPage/chat.css and MediaWiki:Chat.css.

I was going to link to the original page where I found the method for enabling this, but it seems it has been removed from the dev wikia for some reason. Regardless, lots of opportunity there, with a bit of tweaking. And frankly, the default chat is boring enough, it could use some tweaking.

Lua templates! We only have one right now, but built right, they can speed up a -lot- of things (sadly, not the spirit encyclopedia, there's no way to make transcluding hundreds of pages faster). Right now the only one in use is Template:Counter, which uses the lua script at Module:Counter. I can help with these! That one was a quick example, but they can replace -all- templates easily, and are well worth learning how to use.