Destiny of Spirits Wiki

Location: Florida/"Americas"

PSN: Blacknight1090


If you're OK with me accepting all multi-trades, then I'll gladly accept your offers. =) It's my decision with the increasing number of people being scammed.

Just looking to clear some space, get some fresh summons and or summons to limit break.

In the case of Barong, I will consider trading 2 rares for one unless marked with an asterisk.

Also I'm a bit strict in what I want this time. If it's not on the Looking For list, I probably won't care. Not looking to add extra rares or SRs that I don't need at the moment.

For Trade:

Name Type Amount Name Type Amount
SStone.pngJoker of Light [Reserved] DOS - SR.png 0 SStone.pngJoker of Wood (Will Exchange For Fire) DOS - SR.png 1

Super Rares
Name Type Amount Name Type Amount
SStone.pngThunderbird [Traded] DOS - SR.png 0 SStone.pngChaac DOS - SR.png 1
SStone.pngJaguar DOS - SR.png 1 SStone.pngPhoenix DOS - SR.png 1
SStone.pngItzamna DOS - SR.png 1 SStone.pngArtemis DOS - SR.png 1

Advanced Summons
Name Type Amount Name Type Amount
DO 16x16.pngMorrigan [All 4 Traded] DOS - R.png 0 DO 16x16.png SC Kat [Traded] DOS - R.png 0
DO 16x16.pngLeviathan [Reserved For Unicorn] DOS - R.png 0 DO 16x16.pngCronus [Will Trade For Unicorn] DOS - R.png 1
DO 16x16.pngAme no Uzume [Traded] DOS - R.png 0

Name Type Amount Name Type Amount
SStone.pngHuallallo Carhuincho DOS - R.png 5 SStone.pngWakan Tanka DOS - R.png 7
SStone.pngGunslinger DOS - R.png 1 SStone.pngBishamonten DOS - R.png 1
SStone.pngIxchel DOS - R.png 2 SStone.pngSedna DOS - R.png 1
SStone.pngAh Puch* DOS - R.png 2 SStone.pngValkyrie* DOS - R.png 1
SStone.pngAnubis* DOS - R.png 2 SStone.pngPrometheus* DOS - R.png 2
SStone.pngIxmucane DOS - R.png 4 SStone.pngGreys* DOS - R.png 2
SStone.pngWhite Buffalo Maiden [One Reserved] DOS - R.png 1 SStone.pngChalchiuhtlicue DOS - R.png 1
SStone.pngHorus* DOS - R.png 2 SStone.pngPandora [Reserved For Barong] DOS - R.png 0
SStone.pngTangata-Manu DOS - R.png 1 SStone.pngToutatis DOS - R.png 1
SStone.pngSorcerer* DOS - R.png 2 SStone.pngNine-tailed Fox [Reserved For Barong] DOS - R.png 0

Looking For:

Name Type Amount Name Type Amount
SStone.pngJoker of Water DOS - SR.png 2 SStone.pngJoker of Fire DOS - SR.png 2
SStone.pngJoker of Metal (Lower Priority) DOS - SR.png 2

Advanced Summons
Name Type Amount Name Type Amount
DO 16x16.pngTakemikazuchi DOS - R.png 4 DO 16x16.pngAres DOS - R.png 0
DO 16x16.pngUnicorn DOS - R.png 1 DO 16x16.pngKonohanasakuya-hime DOS - R.png 0

Super Rares
Name Type Amount Name Type Amount
DO 16x16.pngRed Hood DOS - SR.png 1 SStone.pngHimiko DOS - SR.png 1
SStone.pngAzure Dragon DOS - SR.png 1 SStone.pngUkko DOS - SR.png 1
SStone.pngYellow Emperor DOS - SR.png 1

Name Type Amount Name Type Amount
SStone.pngBarong DOS - R.png 2 SStone.pngNezha DOS - R.png 2
SStone.pngYum Kaax DOS - R.png 1 SStone.pngHotei DOS - R.png 1
SStone.pngVampire Hunter DOS - R.png 1 SStone.pngOrca DOS - R.png 2

Not sure what I want for Joker of Light...I just know I don't need it. Obviously expecting only great offers for the joker, but we'll see if I figure it out. =)


  • - * - Will only trade 1:1 for Barong or Nezha. Those normal rares that are not marked can be used in a deal. So you pick 2 for Barong/Nezha in that case. Even if the spirit is marked, I will still accept a trade for Orca and the other rares on my want list if the trade is fine with me.
  • - ** - For Morrigan, I won't trade her for Hime. The deal has to be really good for me to let her go for anything other than a SR if it's not on my list (keep in mind I don't really need SRs...). If nothing sparks my interest, I'll use her myself =p. If you offer me Takemikazuchi/Ares or multiple Takemikazuchi/Ares (for 1:1 trades), you can have her.

Reserved/Trades List:

Amex2 for Himex2 [Traded]

Nine-tailed Fox and Pandora *reserved* for x2 Barong. 

Thunderbird for Zilant [Traded]

Jaguar *temp reservation until deal is finalized for Sun Wukong* Still open to public.

SC Kat for Unicorn [Traded]

Leviathan for Unicorn *reserved*

Morriganx4 for Aresx4[All Traded]

1 Anubis *reserved*

1 White Buffalo Maiden *reserved* for 1 Sorcerer

Light Joker *reserved* For 2 Jokers and Barong