Destiny of Spirits Wiki

Trading is the primary way of obtaining spirits from another region.

How to trade

There are two ways to trade.

  1. From the Communicate menu, tap the Trade tab, tap a spirit slot, and select a spirit. This allows other players to see that you want to trade that spirit. If someone else is requesting a trade from you, you must confirm the trade from the Communicate menu as well.
  2. From the Friends menu, there is a column next to the Compatibility bar that either shows a dot or the trade icon, two arrows pointing in opposite directions. If a friend has a trade icon, you can tap on the name to enter her or his profile, then tap on the Trade button to browse the spirits that player has available for trade. If you want to make an offer, tap the Request button and choose one of your own spirits.

Trade icon.jpg


If accepted, a trade costs SPoint.png spirit points for each player and takes various amounts of time to complete based on the distance between the two traders. You may pay 10 DO 16x16.png to complete a trade immediately. (Note: The trade is only completed for you. Your trading partner will still need to wait for the timer to reach zero.) For either method, once you choose to pay SPoint.png, your action is essentially locked and you cannot take it back. Trades in progress can be seen on the world map, indicated by an orange line connecting you to the opposite player's area. After the trade is complete, both spirits will be reset to level 1. Do not make a mistake of overvaluing a high level spirit when making a trade.

Your spirit's rarity Cost to trade
C 100
UC 200
R 300
SR 400

If a trade is refused, the player making the offer is refunded any SPoint.png spent. Both the spirit and the SPoint.png can be claimed from your mailbox.

Trade Limitations

  • Using either method, until a trade is accepted or refused, the spirit counts as being in your collection but you cannot use it in battle, merge it, or offer it in another trade.
  • Spirits can only be traded for another spirit obtained by the same method. In other words, spirits obtained via hunting, SStone.png summoning stones, or Destiny Summoning cannot be traded for spirits obtained with DO 16x16.png Destiny Orbs.
  • You may put any spirit up in your Communicate>Trade screen, but, when requesting a trade from another player, your spirit must be at full health.
  • You can't use Destiny Orbs once the trade timer reaches 59 seconds.