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Picture of the event in Europe.

The Dragonslayers is a dragon themed event which introduces updated redesigns of existing dragon spirits which can be obtained from the upcoming Raid event, Dragons Summit. Players are also treated to additional bonuses and perks to help battle the Raid Bosses.


"A legion of dragons is laying waste to the world of Destiny of Spirits! Use the campaign's bonuses to battle these powerful dragons and take them for your own. During this campaign, we will be holding an all new event where you can face ferocious dragons in battle.

You'll be able to take advantage of all the following bonuses, so everyone from new players to old veterans will be able to challenge and collect rare dragons that only appear at certain times."

Event Bonuses

1. Super Rare Spirit "Wizard" Gift


All users registered to Destiny of Spirits by July 3 (Thursday) 00:59 UTC will be given a special Super Rare spirit, Wizard. The spirit will be sent out after regular maintenance on July 3 (Thursday).

2. Destiny Orb Bonuses

Destiny Orb packs of 100 orbs or more will now come with 20% more orbs!

3. Reward Drop Rate Boosted to 150%

During the campaign, the battle drop rate for Summoning Stones and Spirit Points will be raised to 150%.

4. World Tour - Super Rare Drop Rate x 5

During the campaign, overseas spirits normally unavailable can be summoned using a special advanced summon option with 5 times the ordinary Super Rare drop rate.