Destiny of Spirits Wiki

This is a template for spirit gallery pages. Please copy the following into a new spirit gallery template page. DO NOT use this in a normal page, ONLY in a Template:SpiritName page.

|lore=XYZ Myth & Folklore

The template will automatically look for an image under the filename of (exact spirit name).jpg; if there are any problems with images displaying, you can override which file to find via Template:Spirit/ImageByName.

Most fields will just display exactly what's entered for them. Exceptions below:

sskill will default to None if nothing entered.
stone, orb, hunt, and battle accept the following entries: am=Am.png, eu=Eu.png, as=As.png, y(es)=Yes.png.
stone will additionally accept z(one)=Zone.png.
event accepts only y(es)=Yes.png.
stone, orb, and event default to No.png if none of the accepted values are entered. hunt and battle defailt to Question.png if none of the accepted values are entered.

There are also a couple optional fields:

name overrides PAGENAME for the Name field. See Raven GR. It's also used to facilitate entries in the spirit comparison tables and the Spirit Encyclopedia.
pagename is only necessary for spirits whose name and page name don't match. It's used to fix incorrect links in the spirit encyclopedia page.
rarity overrides the rarity value in Template:Spirit/RarityByName. This is necessary because spirits like Jack-o'-Lantern and Will o' the Wisp seem to have problems when calling on that template.

February 10th 2015 changes:

  • R and SR Spirits in Advanced pools will now show stats for level 60 and 75 respectively.
  • Added new field merging to indicate if the spirit is a merging spirit or not. This will allow the template to not display unused rows in the stats tables. The values can be y or n, and defaults with n.
  • If the sskill_effect field is empty, the support skill's Name and Effect rows will no longer appear.