Destiny of Spirits Wiki

This template is invoked via {{Counter|crit chance|crit level|target(s)|use count}}
Crit chance accepts any number between 1 and 100
Crit level accepts the following:

  • Weak - w, weak
  • Normal - n, normal
  • Powerful - p, powerful
  • Super-Powerful - sp, super, super-powerful

Target accepts the following and defaults to "All Allies":

  • One Ally - one, ally
  • All Allies - all, allies
  • Self Only - self

Use count accepts all positive numbers.

Further documentation is on the way, but the template is functional. The source can be found at Module:Counter.


Counter.png Counterattack chance

Counter.png 30% Counterattack chance (all allies).

Counter.png 10% Counterattack chance for 100% damage (self only) up to 5 times.