Name Salamander Lore European Folklore
Rarity DOS - UC Element Fire Cost 1.5 Skill Cost 30
Battle Skill Sneeze of the Fire God
Effect 100% Fire damage (single enemy).
Support Skill Life of a Lamplighter
Effect SPD +5% per Fire spirit (all allies).
Base 280 100 115
LV 15 462 165 224
LV 25 592 211 302
LV 35 722 257 380
How to Obtain
SStone Am DO 16x16 No Hunt Am Battle Am Event No

Spirit History and Mythology
The salamander, despite being a real-world amphibian, was often ascribed with having fantastic qualities that the real salamander simply could not possess. The European folklore of medieval times depicted the salamander as having lizard-like qualities as well as an affinity for fire. The habit of salamanders seeking refuge under rotting logs gave rise to the story that a salamander would "mysteriously" appear out of the flames when wood would be placed onto a fire.