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Name Jack-o'-Lantern Lore European Folklore
Rarity DOS - C.png Element Fire.png Cost 1.0 Skill Cost 25
Battle Skill Fire of Sin
Effect 80% Fire damage (single enemy).
Base 280 90 70
LV 10 425 136 123
LV 20 586 187 181
How to Obtain
SStone.png Am.png DO 16x16.png No.png Hunt Am.png Battle Am.png Event No.png

Spirit History and Lore

The Jack-o'-Lantern is similar to the Will-o'-the-Wisp in that it is another term for the ghostly light phenomenon of ignis fatuus. There are many stories as to the origins of the name jack-o'-lantern, but most of them are variations of a character named Stingy Jack trying to trick the Devil. The jack-o'-lantern was also a way to protect ones home from the undead. In the modern era, jack-o'-lanterns are another name for carved pumpkins that have a light placed inside of them as a Halloween decoration.