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Hunting uses your Vita's location finding capabilities to find "local" spirits.

How to use Hunt

The first time you play the game, you can use the Hunt feature right away to get a hit. All subsequent attempts will require you to do a bit of traveling, usually at least a few miles or kilometers. In order for the game to know how far you've traveled, you need to connect to the Destiny of Spirits server by using the Hunt feature: this means that, if you do not have a cellular data-capable Vita, you need to find a wireless access point. Cafes or certain fast food restaurants are good options. After connecting, you should get a hit again. Once you successfully Hunt in a different location, this should allow you to receive spirits again at home; thus, to make best use of Hunting, you should attempt to Hunt as you travel to different places during your day.

How to hunt without Internet access

So for people who only have a wireless-capable PS Vita, it is still possible to successfully hunt even without Internet access. The stipulation is that you still need to be within range of a wireless network, even if you do not have access to connect to it.

The Hunt feature works by determining your location based on the wireless router nearby. The slightly more technical explanation is that the SkyHook technology in the Vita looks up your location based on the registered MAC address of that router... but I only heard this second-hand, so I am not sure on how accurate that is. (The game uses GPS when not connected to a router) So, how do you hunt when you don't have Internet?!

  1. Before you leave, make sure your Vita is on and Destiny of Spirits is loaded on the map screen. Put your Vita to sleep/on standby.
  2. Before you hunt, go to Settings > Network > Wi-Fi Settings and ensure that Wi-Fi is enabled. This setting regulates the use of wireless signals, GPS included. Also, go to Settings > Location Data and ensure that Destiny of Spirits has been allowed to use location data.
  3. To begin, Open Destiny of Spirits and tap on the Hunt feature. The game will then attempt to find your location. If successful, the "Distance Traveled" field should have a non-0.0 value.
  4. Tap the Hunt button. Ignore any upcoming Wi-Fi network prompts.
  5. After attempting to connect for a while, the game will tell you that the hunt was successful but that the results cannot be displayed. For the moment, you have finished hunting! As proof, the Hunt button will be replaced with a Check Hunt Results button. You may close the game and enter again later to complete the hunt when you connect to the Internet again.
  6. Once you do, go back to the Hunt screen and tap on Check Hunt Results. You should now receive the spirits you found earlier.
  7. Sometimes the game will grab your current location for a new hunt. If not, go back to the map screen and back into the Hunt screen. The game will calculate the distance between your present location and that of the last hunt, which was probably not where you are now. This lets you hunt again!

Note that you cannot hunt again until you have verified the results of the last hunt you made. So, if you are planning to make multiple stops before going back home to connect to the Internet, save the hunt for when you are furthest from home.

Local Hunting

When hunting in a specific location in the world, you may find location-limited spirits. These special spirits are added to the game over time.


Phase 1 Ixtab Fenrir Yatagarasu
2014/03/27 Manhattan, New York Big Ben, London Tokyo Station, Tokyo, Japan
Victoria Peak, Hong Kong


Phase 2 Tzacol Baldr Tennyo
2014/05/01 Union Square, San Francisco, California Place de la Concorde, Paris, France Osaka Station Area, Osaka, Japan
Taipei 101 Area, Taiwan

Phase 3 Fenghuang Cernunnos Yamatotakeru
2014/06/05 LA Convention Center (E3 venue) area, Los Angeles, USA Central Mexico City, Mexico City, Mexico Central Chicago, Chicago, USA

Phase 3 Kendappa Xolotl Ixmucane
2014/06/05 Brandenburg Gate area, Berlin, Germany Trevi Fountain area, Rome, Italy Arenas de Barcelona area, Barcelona, Spain

Phase 3 Freyja Lindwurm Dionysus Druid Ixpiyacoc Wakan Tanka
2014/06/05 Sapporo TV Tower area, Sapporo, Japan Sendai Station area, Sendai, Japan Nagoya TV Tower area, Nagoya, Japan Hakata Station area, Fukuoka, Japan Lovers' Wharf area, Kaohsiung, Taiwan Merlion area, Singapore

Phase 4 Ouranos
2014/8/10 Gamescom 2014 - Koelnmesse , Cologne, Germany
2014/9/17 Tokyo Game Show 2014 - Makuhari Messe, Mihama-ku, Chiba, Japan

2014/10/9 One Unique Spirit for Each Prefecture of Japan

Hunting Records

Where to find hunt-only spirits.

Fafnir Lindwurm Tyr
Demeter Dionysus Hera
Hestia Njord
Hestia Njord
Isis Ogun Thoth
Njord Tyr Guivre
Lindwurm Cockatrice Fafnir
Apollo Aphrodite Athena
Demeter Dionysus Hera
Hestia Njord
Ishtar Marduk Nergal
Garuda the Holy Bird
Sun Wukong
Garuda the Holy Bird
Guan Yu Sun Wukong
Qilin Sun Wukong Fenghuang
Garuda the Holy Bird
Guan Yu Yinglong Qilin
Garuda the Holy Bird
Ashura Himiko Kendappa
Kamui Nio Ungyo Taishakuten
Himiko Kamui Ashura
T. Rex Thunderbird
T. Rex
T. Rex Thunderbird Kokopelli
Thunderbird T. Rex
Thunderbird T. Rex Kokopelli
Huitzilopochtli Jaguar Kukulkan
Xpiacoc Tepeyollotl Xolotl
Quetzalcoatl Huracan Chaac
Kokopelli T. Rex
T. Rex Kokopelli Thunderbird
T. Rex Wakan Tanka
Ogun Thoth
Arianrhod Ifrit Red Welsh Dragon
Hera Athena Hestia
Athena Aphrodite Apollo
Dionysus Ogun Hera

Data Collection

Recorded data on how many spirits are found based on distance traveled.

Might depend on your current preferred direction... record your luck as yellow, blue, white, clear, gray, or black.

Distance (km) # spirits found Luck
0.9 0
1.0 1
1.5 1
2.8 1
3.0 1 White
3.3 1 Yellow
4.8 1
5.0 2
5.1 2
6.1 2 Gray
6.7 2
8.0 2
29.5 2
30.0 3
100? 4
360.1 6
599.0 8 Yellow
616.8 8 Yellow