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Name Chaac Lore Mayan Myth and Folklore
Rarity DOS - SR.png Element Water.png Cost 4.0 Skill Cost 70
Battle Skill Ukokikkik
Effect Change to Water element (all enemies, 15 sec).
Support Skill Song of the Earth
Effect Change to Earth element (all allies).
Base 760 140 110
LV 25 1228 262 228
LV 35 1422 312 278
LV 45 1585 355 319
LV 55 1735 394 357
LV 65 1885 433 395
How to Obtain
SStone.png No.png DO 16x16.png No.png Hunt Am.png Battle No.png Event No.png
Hunt in area -10,+2.

Spirit History and Mythology
Chaac is name of the Maya rain deity. He is the god of rain, storms, and lightning. Chaac is also seen holding axes and snakes that he uses to strike the clouds in order to produce rain. His actions ensured the growth of crops and vegetation as well natural cycles of life. Natural events ranging from small rainstorms to hurricanes were considered to be the work of this god.