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Name Carbuncle Lore European Folklore
Rarity DOS - C.png Element Fire.png Cost 1.0 Skill Cost 35
Battle Skill Reflect Stone
Effect Counter.png 10% Counterattack chance for 80% damage (one ally) up to 4 times.
Support Skill Burning Coal
Effect HP10%↓: SPD +10% (all allies).
Base 200 80 100
LV 10 317 122 170
LV 20 447 168 248
How to Obtain
SStone.png Am.png DO 16x16.png No.png Hunt Am.png Battle Yes.png Event No.png

Spirit History and Lore

Not much is known about the mysterious carbuncle. Said to resemble a cross between a cat and a dog, it was seldom seen but often hunted in Latin America. The carbuncle was known to possess a jewel embedded in its forehead which was sought by many explorers of the time period. If someone attempts to capture this jewel with greed in their heart, the carbuncle will emit a bright light in an attempt to blind the person.

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