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Cait Sith.jpg

Name Cait Sith Lore Celtic Myth and Folklore
Rarity DOS - C.png Element Fire.png Cost 1.0 Skill Cost 70
Battle Skill That Day, That Time
Effect +100% Energy (self)
Base 280 90 70
LV 10
LV 20
How to Obtain
SStone.png No.png DO 16x16.png No.png Hunt Question.png Battle Eu.png Event No.png

Spirit History and Lore

Cait Sith (Cat Sidhe) is a cat-like creature from Celtic myth. This phantom feline was suspected of stealing the souls of those that roamed the Scottish Highlands. The black spectre of Cait Sith, while being primarily associated as being a fairy creature, has also been known as actually being a witch that can transform into a cat nine times.